Core Values

We are Difference Makers driven to help patients with pulmonary hypertension breath easier and live longer. Each of us is committed to act daily toward our mission to change patient’s lives for the better by enhancing drug delivery to the lungs and making every breath count.

Core Values:

  • Mission-Driven Execution: Committed to achieving the highest standards with a tenacious pursuit for excellence.
  • Adaptive Agility: Embracing a lean and flexible app[roach to swiftly response and effectively make things happen.
  • Courageous Innovation: Continuously challenging the norm, actively seeking and considering novel ideas to drive improvement and overcome obstacles.
  • Teamwork & Ethical Integrity: Prioritizing trust, collaboration, and ethical practices in all our endeavors.

Our Patients, Healthcare Professionals and Partners

They are the reason for and lifeblood in everything we do. They are the users of our products and services and expect the highest level of quality, innovation, timeliness and ethics. We must actively work with them to seek understanding of their needs, concerns and hopes for the future. Our success ultimately depends upon exceeding their expectations, and we should always strive to be the company they most prefer to do business with.

Our Employees

They are the DNA of who we are. Great products and services do not happen without great employees. We must respect them as individuals, valuing the diverse backgrounds and skillsets they bring to the organization. Employees should feel valued as an integral part of a high performing team. We must always be willing to listen to their ideas and feedback. We must invest our time and resources to develop their skills in order to optimize their performance and careers. There must always be equal opportunity for employment. Compensation must be fair. Our employees should always operate in a safe, orderly environment. And our employees should participate in an ethical environment at all times.

Our Investors

They entrust us with their financial resources in order to make a fair return on their investment. They have choices of where they invest those resources and we must earn their trust daily. Investors expect sound business decisions, ethical behavior, and results. Innovation and proper resource allocation are imperative, as well as accountability for mistakes that are made.

Our Community

It provides the environment in which we live, work and grow. We have a responsibility to give back and to improve our community where we can. We should strive to lead in our community, both as an organization and individually. We also must protect our environment.


It is our aim in all endeavors. We must always set high standards of success for ourselves while also asking how we can learn and how we can improve. We should be comfortable being on the cutting edge and innovating for a better way of doing things. And whether it be success or failure, we must always be accountable for everything we do.